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The name of my website “Hjälp med hemsidan” means Help with the website. So that is what I am doing. Helping people and companies with their webpages. Here you can buy a websitefor your business or yourself if you are a private person. I have helped many small and medium sized companies with their websites. No customer is too small or too large. I am convinced that all companies have everything to gain from having a presence on the Internet. The company’s specialties and core values can be highlighted. It can also be good to inform about eg opening hours, contact information and physical address. Each customer is unique and the websites I make is unique and tailored to you and your company. Do you want a website to be able to present yourself or your business? Do you have a blog or online store? My goal is that the website will be beneficial for you and your business. I offer everything related to your website, from domain name registration to make the actual website. The websites I do is small as well as large. I also offer services in e-commerce. I can help you with Google maps and so on. Why not try you, too? Get in touch today to purchase webpage!

I help companies to quickly get a website up and running

Here you can get help with, for example:

Need help with the website?

The idea with the help of the website is that you will not have to sit and work evenings and nights trying to understand how to make websites, but instead focus on what really create success for your company. I want you to be able to have your new website quick and easily, so you do not worry!

It should not be difficult to obtain webpage!Hjälp med hemsidan snabbt och enkelt

I’ll help you with anything you want with your webpage! My name is Annika Vallgren I am living in Åkersberga outside Stockholm. I do everything from making small changes to existing websites to building completely new sites. You can choose whether you yourselves are going to update the webpage or if you want me to take care of everything. Do you need help with web hosting, email, search optimization, Facebook, Google Analytics, a web shop or creating a blog and I’ll fix that too. Help with the website quickly and simple. I live in Åkersberga outside Stockholm. I work not only with websites to clients here in Åkersberga, but working with businesses and individuals across the Europe. It’s fun to get involved with websites. So this is what I do in their spare time. On weekdays, I work at the Swedish House of Finance, on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.

Help with the site quickly and easily!

I create your website quickly you can get up the website in just a few hours. You can choose to update it yourself or let me do everything. Just send me an email, and I will change their webpage! I can help with hosting, signing up for Google Analytics so you can measure your visitors and I can help with search engine optimization so you get higher up in Google. You may have special requests for programs that the website will be made. No problem – I adapt myself to your needs.

How much is a website?

The first question I usually get is “What does it cost to buy a website?” It is equally impossible to answer the question “How much is a car?” The price depends on what you want, how much fancy stuff you need, how much you’re willing to work yourself and so on. What a website costs is difficult to say, all customers have different needs. But for a simple website without the menus, I charge 3000 SEK. How much your webpage are going to cost depends on the number of pages you want and how much fancy stuff and special features you want.

Choose from three different website packages – Cheap webpage, Company webpage or Customized webpage – read more about the packages here!

Easy to get a website

I think it should be easy to get a website. Therefore, I will help you with just what you need help with. Is the web a jungle for you? Then I can arrange everything. Help is just an email away! With me you through the website quickly and easily. With my help is the quick and easy for you to get your own website.

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